Natalia Podsadnyaya
Pilates instructor specializing in both large equipment and mat training.
Work experience since 2020 with individuals of varying fitness levels, including professional dancers.
My goal is to help improve your quality of life by optimizing your motor functions.

Education: Pilates Polestar, Yamuna Foot fitness (fitness for feet), yoga, MFR, fascial massage techniques, rehabilitation.

  • Rehabilitation and pain reduction in joints: lower back, neck, knees, shoulders, etc.
  • Foot correction: valgus, varus, flat feet, Morton's neuroma.
  • Improvement of breathing patterns.
  • Optimization of gait patterns.
  • Posture correction, including addressing imbalances and improving body stability.
  • Optimization of movements for dancers and athletes, aimed at enhancing their performance and preventing injuries.

I continuously upgrade my qualifications and apply a comprehensive approach in my practice, drawing on knowledge and experience in the field of physical development and recovery. This enables me to create personalized and effective programs for each client, tailored to address their specific goals and needs.

Languages: Ru

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