Pilates on Reformer and with small equipment
The method is based on a physiotherapeutic approach, which allows the method to be used both for regular exercise and for recovery and rehabilitation.

Pilates classes are aimed at individualization, taking into account the unique characteristics of each person. The emphasis is on body awareness, improving breathing and movement techniques, as well as correct working of muscles and joints of the body.

This direction will suit both beginners and experienced clients! It will also be useful for moms after childbirth, office workers, professional athletes and any person who cares about their body and health.

Will help :
  • maintain physical fitness,
  • form a beautiful posture,
  • improve women's health,
  • improve coordination of movements,
  • improve joint and spinal mobility.
  • maintain tissue elasticity
Training sessions are held on a mat, with small equipment or on a special Reformer equipment. Includes classic and modern exercises from the Pilates repertoire.
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