Recovery training after injuries and surgeries
After an injury or surgery, recovery plays an important role in returning to a full and active life. This stage can be critical, as not only does it improve your physical condition, but it also restores confidence in your body and safe movement.

Recovery is a complex of specialized programs aimed at getting rid of pain and swelling, restoring strength, flexibility, and functionality of your body after surgery or injury.

They will help you:
1. Accelerate tissue healing
2. Strengthen muscles
3. Restore joints motion range
4. Eliminate pain and discomfort
5. Recover psychologically by regaining trust in your body and increasing confidence in movement.

Recovery training programs are created after you gain an exercise permission from your physician, complete a survey (for the purpose of historical data collection) and pass testing tailored to your unique needs and goals. The sooner you begin recovery with professional specialists, the sooner they can help you get back to living your full life after injury or surgery.

Recovery training is your key to an active future life!
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